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How do you gather personal, technical or digital identification information about me?

Whenever you access this website, some technical informations are gatherered automatically like the IP address, date & time of the access. If you use the contact form and enter your personal information like name and email.

What personal identification information do you gather?

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email

Why do we gather identification information?

In order to reach out to you by your preferred name and email address. This information is only gathered from our contact form and our newsletter subscription form.

What technical or digital information do you gather?

  • IP address
  • Date and time of website access
  • Actions made on this website (for example: time spent on a page, clicks on product links)

Why do we gather technical or digital information?

  • In order to better optimize our services and understand incoming traffic and what interest our users.

The people who have access to personal information.

  • The Momsy IT team
  • The Momsy web development team
  • Plausible Analytics for interpreting the technical and digital information collected.
  • Our partners found in our disclosure page

Our security measures

  • The data we gather is encrypted and never available in plain text
  • We have implemented an internal policy which requires justification for each and every request to access personal, technical or digital information about our users.
  • The Momsy web development team and Momsy IT team are required to use multi-factor authentication on their work devices. Their work devices must be protected with a password and the disk drive must be encrypted using a technology like Bitlocker on Windows or FileVault on macOS.

Your rights in regards to your personal data

  • At anytime you can request to know what information we have related to you
  • At anytime you can request that we correct the information we have related to you
  • At anytime you can request that we delete the information we have related to you

You can make those request from our Contact Us page or by email at privacy@momsy.com

This Privacy Policy took effect on 2024-03-05
Most recent update 2024-03-06