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Did you know that your ordinary sunglasses should should never be used to look at the solar eclipse? You will need special sunglasses that respect the ISO 12312-2 international standard recommended by the NASA.

Here's the Amazon top picks for glasses and binocular that respects the ISO 12312-2 international standard so that all the family can enjoy this exceptional sight! ☀️😎

Soluna Solar Eclipse Glasses - CE and ISO Certified Safe Shades for Direct Sun Viewing

( 4.7 on Amazon.ca )

Made by Soluna

ISO CERTIFIED FOR DIRECT SUN VIEWING - Soluna's eclipse glasses have been independently tested and verified by ICS Laboratories under the most current standard ISO 12312-2:2015(E) for filters for direct observation of the sun. You can watch the total solar eclipse with absolute confidence in your eye safety.

Galaxium Solar Eclipse Glasses AAS Approved 2024

( 4.7 on Amazon.ca )

Made by Galaxium

GALAXIUM's solar eclipse viewing glasses, ISO 12312-2 & CE certified Trusted for Canada Direct Solar Eclipse Viewing (6 Pack)

EclipSmart Safe Solar Eclipse Binoculars

( 4.3 on Amazon.ca )

Made by Celestron

These Full-Size Solar Binoculars will provide an exception view of the solar eclipse. The only downside is that they can only be used for watching the solar eclipse.